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Hong Kong Information

Insurance Coverage

Theft is not a huge issue in Hong Kong and security is for the most part excellent in highrise blocks. It is, therefore, not essential to cover your belongings against burglary, but more important to cover your goods against weather and fire damage. It is also a good idea to have medical coverage as private hospitals and medical practitioners are expensive. Any person in your employ must, by law, be insured in Hong Kong. Vehicle insurance is mandatory.

All insurance companies in Hong Kong must meet the ongoing regulations of the Insurance Authority of the HKSAR. This offers valuable protection to all clients. The insurance company you select will depend on your individual preference. There are a few indicators to bear in mind, considering that insurance is a long term business so a good track record in Hong Kong and a reputation for providing good local service is important. It is also good to have a company which is active in the market developing new products and that has a reasonably steady investment record in paying dividends

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Last Updated: 5 March, 2004