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Hong Kong Information

98% of Hong Kong's population of over seven million are of Chinese origin. The rest are a diverse mix of nationalities, making Hong Kong a very cosmopolitan city.  There is little overt racism, yet there is not a great deal of integration between the local Chinese population and expatriate community - the two remain quite separate. There is more interaction amongst the upper echelon Chinese who will most likely have been educated abroad.

Among the expat community,  life is as social as you make it, with a large number of Brits, Americans, Canadians, Swiss, French, Australians and many other nationalities, all adding to Hong Kong's international flavour.
Like any new city, it does take a number of months to find your niche but everybody is in the same "away-from-home" boat and are very open to new members of a community.  You need only meet one person in Hong Kong to establish a social life. That person will introduce you to two more people, through whom you will meet four more and so on until you have not a free moment in your social calendar! 

There are a number of groups and associations that bring people of certain nationalities, business and social interests together, which may help you get started.  Click here for a list of clubs and associations



Last Updated: 4 March, 2004