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Who is Compass ?

Compass Worldwide Limited, an expatriate owned real estate agency, focuses on the relocation needs of expatriate employees of  international corporations. We are a premier destination services provider in Asia, and will make sure your transition to Hong Kong  is as smooth as possible.

We use cutting edge information technology
to bring our clients immediate real estate

information via the internet and e-mail.


What Can Compass Do For You ?

Step 1 - Before You Arrive in Hong Kong
    The homefinding process can start before you even arrive in Hong Kong.  All that need be done is for you to fill out our information request form as per your specifications.  A relocations expert will be assigned to you and will promptly e-mail information, photographs and floor plans of potential homes to you.  Through our relocations expert your problems will be solved and needs met even before you set foot in Hong Kong.

Compass will save you and your company money, time and aggravation.

Step 2 - Once You Have Arrived in Hong Kong
    Your relocations expert will initiate the on the ground process of house hunting with an orientation which may include a tour around Hong Kong to familiarize you with the city and its residential areas.  Compass will show you a full range of homes during your preliminary viewing so that you can make an informed decision. The home finding process will be designed around your specific requirements. If you would like, we will arrange school appointments for you, take care of any special needs you may have and even take you shopping .

We aim to make this as enjoyable and as easy an experience as possible.

Step 3 - Moving into Your New Home
    Once you have found a home, your relocations expert will negotiate with the landlord on your behalf and arrange for all the documentation to be put in place.  If you need furniture will can assist you in purchasing or renting the required articles.  We will assist you in importing your pet, applying for visas and work permits, driverís licenses, setting up of bank accounts  and anything and everything besides.


Why Compass ?

  • Compass will hold your hand every step of the way!
  • We will assist you with work permits.
  • We have the most comprehensive listings in Hong Kong.
  • We will liase and negotiate with the Landlord.
  • We take care of supervising any renovations and keep you informed every step of the way.
  • We will organize your utility connections, i.e., gas, water, electricity, phone and fax lines.


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