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Crime & Security
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Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world for you and your family to live. The crime rate is low and it is extremely rare for the expatriate community to fall victim to the small amount of crime that is committed.

The most common offences are petty robbery or fraud. Although you should not be overly concerned, it is prudent to be aware of the following points:

  • Pickpockets do, sometimes, operate in large, crowded malls and department stores so keep your bags closed and never leave them unattended.
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash or valuables with you.
  • When purchasing electronics goods in smaller or discount shops, always check the box before leaving the store to ensure that you have the correct item.
  • When shopping in department stores, you will discover that it is not unusual for each floor to have only a few cashier desks. Don’t be alarmed if the store assistant takes your credit card to another area within the store – this is common practice. However, as is the case anywhere in the world, it is prudent to go with them to ensure your card is swiped only once.
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency dial 999 (fire, ambulance, police).

When it comes to home security, you will find that most apartment blocks and complexes are provided with security cameras and guards who are on duty round the clock. The rule of law is enforced by a highly trained police force, within which, the task of crime prevention falls to the Crime Prevention Bureau (CPB).

The CPB offer an invaluable range of services designed to make your home or business as safe as possible. All services are free of charge. The following is offered by the CPB:
  • Security Surveys: An in-depth survey of your premises will identify any areas of vulnerability. Advice and practical solutions will be recommended to reduce your exposure to risk.
  • Security Equipment: View a wide range of security equipment on display at the CPB headquarters in Tsim Sha Tsui and premises in the New Territories North and South.
  • Security Awareness Programmes: CPB offers assistance and advice on the formulation of security awareness programmes for your company. Security seminars can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.
  • Computer Security and Data Protection: Practical advice on how to protect your computer systems and the data contained therein.
  • Crime Prevention Bus: A mobile exhibition centre displaying a selection of home security equipment. Keep an eye out for the bus in your area.

The Police
For policing purposes, Hong Kong is split into six separate and distinct police regions, each of which has their own Regional Crime Prevention Unit headed by a Chief Inspector of Police.

Hong Kong Island
1/F, High Street
Upper Levels
Tel: 2859 8565
Fax: 2549 9190

Kowloon East
Tseug Kwan O Police Station
110 Po Lam Road North
Tseung Kwan O
Tel: 2703 2466
Fax: 2701 5252

Kowloon West
190 Argyle Street
Kowloon City
Tel: 2761 2311
Fax: 2760 0775

New Territories North
6 On Po Lane
Tai Po
Tel: 2650 7361
Fax: 2638 2728

New Territories South
4 Tung Lo Wan Hill Road
Tai Wai
Tel: 2698 7600
Fax: 2693 9902

Tai Hong Street
Sai Wan Ho
Hong Kong
Tel: 2803 6179
Fax: 2368 7909
Note: If you wish to visit one the regional offices you are required to make an appointment in advance.

Together the Crime Prevention Bureau (CPB) and Regional Crime Prevention Unit (RCPU) form the Force Crime Prevention Capability.

Crime Prevention Bureau (CPB)
Hong Kong Police
5/F, Empire Centre
68 Mody Road
Tsim Sha Tsui East
Tel: 2721 2486
Fax: 2722 6885


Security Services and Companies

The Hong Kong Security Association (HKSA), established in 1984, aims to promote a high level of security for customers and bring together, in an association, all security companies who share the desire to improve security standards and quality.

In 1996, legislation was passed overseeing companies and individuals in the security industry. An estimated 150,000 people and 700 companies are regulated by this legislation.

Contact the HKSA on:
Tel: 2960 1142
Fax: 2960 4262
A selection of security companies, all members of the HKSA, are listed below. For a comprehensive listing, visit their website

Adams Secuforce (Intl.) Ltd.
Tel: 2729 2266
Fax: 2729 1661

Access Control Systems Ltd
6/F, Wai Tak Industrial Building
27 Tonkin Street
Cheung Sha Wan
Tel: 2729 4338
Fax: 2728 4285


Chinetek (Group) Co., Ltd
Flat L, 6/F, Block 3, Camel Paint Building
60 Hoi Yuen Road
Kwun Tong

Tel: 2784 0996

Guardforce Ltd
1/F, Guardforce Centre
3 Hok Yuen Street East
Hung Hom

Tel: 2765 7654
Fax: 2765 8014

Integrated Corporation
3/F, Shun On Commercial Building
112-114 Des Voeux Road Central
Hong Kong
Tel: 2544 8580 / 2143 7288 Sales Hotline
Fax: 2541 3903

Megastrength Security Services Co. Ltd.
14/F, Kowloon Building
555 Nathan Road
Tel: 2752 8833 / 2306 0031 / 2360 0096 24-Hour Control Centre
Fax: 2752 8088

Nixon Technology Co. Ltd.
5/F, 625 King's Road
North Point
Hong Kong
Tel: 2892 2188
Fax: 2831 9973

Security Systems (F.E.) Ltd.
3/F, 657 King's Road
Quarry Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: 2880 0622
Fax: 2856 1684



Last Updated: 12 November, 2004

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