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Compass Relocation Services

Compass Worldwide Relocation Services
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“Debutant Expat” : For the First Timer who Requires the Full Shebang.  

Compass offers a comprehensive, full-service package to first time expatriates. You will be assigned a relocations expert who will be your point of contact before, during and after your move to Hong Kong.

Your relocations expert will be in touch with you before you move to the city to explain what it’s like to live in Hong Kong from a personal point of view, answer all your questions about what to pack and to ship and to reassure you and your spouse should you have any last minute concerns or reservations.

If you have a pet, we can arrange for the official documentation and put you in contact with a pet transport company. 
Compass will take care of all your personal immigration requirements if this is not already seen to by your company. If you need temporary accomodation, Compass will make the necessary arrangements for you either at a hotel of your choosing, or at a serviced apartment in an appropriate location. Further, if you are starting up a business here and need commercial space, we will find this for you and refer professionals with particular expertise in this field. 

If your children are of school age, it is important to register them at your preferred schools prior to arrival in Hong Kong, as there are often waiting lists. Your relocation consultant will forward all necessary information about schools to you and will liaise with the school on your behalf.    

Upon your arrival in Hong Kong, we will arrange for your pickup from the airport and transportation to your temporary home.  Once you are settled in your provisional accommodation, the house hunting process can commence. On the first day, your relocations consultant will give you a full tour of Hong Kong Island’s residential areas, briefing you on the areas’ features, amenities, schools and other relevant information. A few examples of the types of housing available may be shown. 
Subsequent days will comprise of house hunting in earnest in the particular areas you feel are most suited to you and your family’s needs.  We strive to make the home search process as painless as possible by tailoring the search to your specific needs and requirements, and by anticipating your needs.  
Further services provided by Compass include;

  • Comprehensive school tours for those with children; arrangements for testing and interview appointments.
  • All offers and negotiations for your new home will be dealt with by your Compass agent.
  • Shopping excursions to all the best places for home furnishings and accessories. A trip down Queen’s Road East for soft furnishings, such as curtains, is a must.
  • All immigration matters will be taken care of by Compass.  We will personally take you to Immigration Tower when it comes time for you to go for picture taking and thumb printing.  A course of cross-cultural training and adjustment sessions will be organized with a trained professional.
  • Special counseling services for any member of your family should they need it. Language training and courses can also be recommended and arranged.  Other special needs you or your family may have will also be met by your Compass consultant.

By the “handover day”, Compass will have connected your utilities for you, as well as ensured that all renovations have been completed to your specifications. Compass will conduct an inspection and inventory check of the property.  If you require temporary furniture, your relocations consultant can arrange this. We will even stock your fridge with some essentials for the first night in your new home, should you so require. 
Compass endeavors to make your relocation to Hong Kong as streamlined and stress free as possible for you, meaning that we go that extra mile to help you with the mundane, as well as the more complex issues of moving to a new city. Compass strives to be a full service agency, and as such, we will hold your hand every step of the way. 

“Seasoned Expat” : An Expat Experienced in Living Abroad

If you have been an expat for a few years and know the ropes, but perhaps need some assistance relocating your spouse and children, this package enables you to make a seamless transition from city to city without much disruption.  The basic programme includes the Orientation, House Hunting, School Tour and Utility Hookup modules. If you require assistance with other aspects of relocating to Hong Kong, such as Immigration, Shopping Tour, Cross-cultural Training, and Club Tour, these may be added on as further modules.   Each module is costed separately.

“Old Hand”

As an ‘Old Hand’, you and your family will have had a number of overseas postings and feel comfortable and know what to expect when moving to a new city.  The package for an “Old Hand” will include a Basic Orientation, House Hunting and Negotiation, School Tour and Utilities Hookup.   

Recommended Modules

Debutant Expat

Pet Relocation
Temporary Accommodation / Hotel Reservations
Starting up a business / Commercial Space
Schools Tours / School Admission Assistance
Meet & Greet Service
Housing Hunting
Orientation of Hong Kong
Cross-cultural Training
Language Training
Club Tour
Temporary Furniture
Seasoned Expat Immigration, House Hunting and Negotiation, Orientation of Hong Kong, Shopping Tour, Cross-cultural Training and Club Tour
Old Hand Basic Orientation, House Hunting and Negotiation, School Tour and Utilities Hookup


Pet Relocation – Compass will provide all information, pet import license application form, Agriculture and Fisheries Department Forms and veterinary forms. 

Meet and Greet Service –  Compass will arrange for you and your family  to be met at the airport and driven to your hotel, temporary accommodation or new home.

Immigration – Compass will arrange for all official documentation necessary to obtaining the following;

1)       Your work permit (if your company is not doing this for you)
2)       Dependants’ visas,
3)       Hong Kong Identity Cards. 

When it comes time to go to Immigration Tower to have your picture and thumb print taken, we will personally take you there.  Further, when your HK Identity Card is ready we will pick it up and deliver it to you. 

Shopping Tour – Shopping is Hong Kong is extensive and a tour of this can extend over numerous days.  Choose the type of area and shopping tour you would like from those listed below:

1)       Hong Kong Island:

Furniture Rental
Home Soft Furnishings
Antique Chinese Furniture 
Oriental Furniture
Speciality Food Shopping – Wet Markets and Delis 

2)       Kowloon Markets 

Ladies Market
Jade Market
Flower Market
Bird Market
Computer Super Mall
Custom Tailoring

3)       Warehouse, Outlet and Factory Shopping

Brass Factory
Porcelain/Chinaware Factory
Flame Tree Furniture Warehouse
Nike Outlet

4)       Macau Antique Shopping and Tour

5)       Shenzhen – An excursion over the border to Shenzhen to check out the shops and tailors.

Each tour is inclusive of traveling expenses and lunch.

Cross-cultural Training – To help you settle into your new environment, Compass will arrange for you and your family to have cultural training sessions with a professional cross-cultural trainer. You may choose to have one to three days of cultural training spread over a week or more depending upon how you are adjusting to Hong Kong and its particular rhythm.  We highly recommend at least one session as often symptoms of maladjustment can be misinterpreted, causing family friction.  A trained professional will explain the symptoms of culture shock and help you to understand not only your reactions to a foreign culture but will also aid you in understanding the Chinese way of thinking.

Club Tour -  The tour of clubs will include the following clubs: Cricket Club, FCC, Hong Kong Golf Club, Hong Kong Football & Rugby Club, Aberdeen Boat Club, Aberdeen Marina Club, American Club, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, China Club, Ladies Recreation Club.   

School Admission Assistance
–  Your Relocations Consultant will forward all school information to you and assist you with liaising with the schools regarding their admissions procedures.  We suggest you register your child at your chosen schools before you arrive in Hong Kong. 

When you arrive in Hong Kong, a tour of the pre-schools, international and ESF Schools (English Schools Foundation) will be arranged, which includes a viewing of the schools as well as a meeting with the school administrators.

Relocations / Orientations Module Price List (HK$)

Pet Relocation Gratis (Costs as per professional fees)

HK$10,000 for the principal or the work visa
HK$5,000 for each dependant
Temporary Accommodation
or Hotel Reservation
Starting up Business
- Information
- Introduction

(Costs as per professional fees)
Commercial Spaces Refer to appropriate agent
School Tour / School Admission Assistance

HK$5,000 for 1st child
HK$1,500 for each subsequent child
Meet & Greet Service HK$1,500 approx.
House Hunting 1/2 of the first month's rental to include 1/2 day free orientation
Orientation of Hong Kong HK$6,000 per day
Shopping Tour HK$6,000 per day
Furniture Shopping HK$6,000 per day
Cross-culture Training HK$10,000 per day
Language Training Costs as per professional fees
Temporary Furniture Gratis
Club Tour Gratis

Orientation Services

Orientation of Hong Kong Island: A day’s tour around Hong Kong Island of all the major residential areas. 

The day begins with one of Compass’ relocation experts picking you up from your hotel and driving you through the financial district, Central, pointing out its best features, such as the China Bank Building designed by I.M. Pei, the HSBC Building architected by Norman Foster, the Legislative Building and the historic Star Ferry pier.  Proceeding down the harbour front and into Wanchai, you will begin to get a feel for local life and colour, and proceeding through Causeway Bay, a major shopping district, your relocations consultant will indicate where the major department stores, such as Mitsukoshi, Times Square and Seibu, are. 
Heading back into Central, we’ll take you up into the Soho (South of Hollywood Road) district and Lan Kwai Fong - both areas are full of bars, cafes and restaurants. Hollywood Road is Hong Kong’s antique row and is home to an endless array of beautiful Chinese furniture and artefacts, both antique and reproduction. 

The Escalator
, which runs from Central up to Mid Levels through Soho,  is an essential amenity of Mid-Levels, and your relocations expert will explain its workings.

Next on the itinerary is Mid-Levels, so called for its position mid-way between Central and Victoria Peak.  Major attractions, such as the Botanical Gardens, situated in the centre of the Mid-Levels area, as well as the Hong Kong Park and Aviary and the Colonial Government House will be pointed out.  The Glenealy School, the Island School, the Ladies Recreation Club, shops and hospital locations will be indicated as the tour progresses. 

Next destination – the Peak.  An highly prestigious area of houses and low-rises, characterised by lots of greenery, wonderful views of the harbour and/or the south side.  The Peak Galleria, an entertainment  complex, houses a number of attractions for the kids as well as some good shopping and the wonderful Café Deco, which offers diners breathtaking views across the city and harbour. An alternative in fine dining is offered in the form of the Peak Lookout Cafe, which is one of the city's few places to offer al fresco dining. The sizeable outdoor terrace offers superb views across the western side of the Island. The Peak School, German Swiss International School and the Matilda Hospital will be features of this area.  

Moving down the hill and easterly around the island, Happy Valley and Jardine’s Lookout are next.  The world famous Happy Valley Race Course (a night out racing is an experience not to be missed when you relocate to Hong Kong), the Football Club and Happy Valley village itself which is very interesting for its local flavour. A tram trip from Central to Happy Valley is highly recommended when you have time to further explore Hong Kong.  

Hong Kong’s own Riviera, the south side of the island, is next on the tour.  Your relocations consultant will take you through Shouson Hill, a popular residential area of lowrises and houses.  Moving on from Shouson Hill, Ocean Park, the Hong Kong Country Club, Deep Water Bay Beach and the Deep Water Bay Golf Club are all attractions of the area.  Repulse Bay, the next bay over, will be of especial interest for the Repulse Bay Complex.  Short term serviced accommodation is available here and is fantastic for its convenience, proximity to the beach and great networking opportunities for new arrivals in Hong Kong.  A quick tour of the supermarket at the Complex will be of interest to you for the products available in Hong Kong.

After a lunch at the Repulse Bay courtesy of Compass, the next destination is Stanley.  This area is very popular amongst expatriate families, as it has a community/villagey feel and offers close proximity to the beach, great shopping and some super restaurants that are child friendly.  Your consultant will drive on to Tai Tam, pointing out the American Club, American school, various popular residential blocks in the area, and Tai Tam Reservoir.  Carrying on around the island along the Eastern Corridor, you will get a tremendous view of Kowloon, as well as Central.

Pok Fu Lam is the last destination on the list.  This area is very family orientated. Most housing is older lowrise and highrise blocks.  Views of the Lamma Channel are one of  the major attractions of this area.  Kennedy and Kellett Schools, the Pokfulam Public Riding Stable and the Pokfulam Reservoir for walks will be pointed out by your consultant.  Finally, after the day’s touring, your relocations consultant will deliver you back to your hotel.   

Besides being highly knowledgeable about Hong Kong’s various residential areas, your relocations consultant will explain other relevant information to you such as the city's public transportation system and point out which routes you will mostly likely be utilizing or how to buy and register a car. They will also explain the schooling system, cost of living, Hong Kong’s social life including clubs, weekend activities for yourself and the kids, cultural aspects and much more.

Compass’ aim is to give you and your family not only a real taste of life in Hong Kong and the necessary tools by which to effectively and efficiently function, but to get you really excited about embarking on a new adventure and chapter of life in this exciting and vibrant city. 



Last Updated: 4 March, 2003 


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