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Flight and Airport Info
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Arrival & Departure Information

Airline Check-In Areas

Airport Facilities

Airport Transportation

Air Passenger Departure Tax

For passengers aged 12 or above, a departure tax of HK$80 is required.  Exemptions are given to passengers under 12 years of age and those who arrive and depart from Hong Kong within the same day.  The deaprture tax is usually included in the cost of ticket when tickets are purchased from airlines or travel agents.

Car Parking Facilities and Fees for Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport has four car parks located close to the passenger terminal. Car Parks 1, 2 and 5 are open air and multi-storey Car Park 4 offers undercover parking.

Complimentary 30-minute parking

Complimentary 30-minute parking is provided at Car Parks 1, 2 and 4. However, over-stayers will be charged the full parking fee, which is calculated by each additional hour. Baggage trolley stands and lifts to the arrivals and departures levels of the terminal are conveniently located and clearly signposted. Special parking spaces are reserved for the disabled and ramps aid wheelchair access.

Short and Long Term Parking

Parking fees are determined by the length of stay. Car Parks 1 and 2 charge HK$16 per hour whilst Car Park 4 is HK$20 per hour.

At Car Parks 1 and 4 there is a maximum 7-hour charge for a 24-hour period.  After the initial 24-hour period, standard hourly charges apply - HK$16 per hour at Car Park 1 and HK$20 per hour at Car Park 4. 

Car Park 5 offers a 3-day minimum rate of HK$200. After the initial 3-day period, a daily flat rate of HK$70 is charged at Car Park 5.

Monthly parking is available at Car Parks 1 (HK$1,500) and 4 (HK$1,800).

Departures kerb

Departing passengers and their luggage can be deposited at the passenger terminal departures kerb, but parking and collecting passengers is prohibited.

Enquiry Hotlines
Airport Authority Landside Operations
2183 8093
Car parks 1, 2 and 5
2286 0163
Car Park 4
2949 1083

Length of Stay

Car Park 1
Car Park 2

Car Park 4

0 - 1/2 hour

No charge

No charge

No charge

1/2 - 1 hour


Each additional hour#


Daily parking (24 hours)




Monthly parking^


Length of Stay

Car Park 5

3 days minimum*


Thereafter each day or part thereof


Note: # Parking charge for part of hour is collected on hourly basis.
^ Monthly parking tickets are available at Car Park 1 management office and need to be purchased in advance.
* Or part of day.

Last Updated: 2 April, 2004

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