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The Arts in Hong Kong
The last two decades have seen an increasing emphasis on the arts in Hong Kong. As a result, the arts are flourishing and there is not a week without some form of concert, production or exhibit. Performances by world reknown artistes occur throughout the year, Hong Kong being one of the major Asian components of any tour. 

The Hong Kong Dance Company

The repertoire includes Chinese traditional and folk dances, drama and Chinese and Hong Kong-themed original works.

For enquiries and contact information
Tel: (852) 3103 1888
Fax: (852) 2851 3607

The City Contemporary Dance Company

The company performs dances from the fast beats of Jazz all the way down to ballet.  It combines both modern and classical techniques.

Productions in the past included Nine Songs, The Comedy of K, China Wind- China Fire, 365 Ways of Doing and Undoing Orientalism .

For enquiries and contact information
G/F, 110 Shatin Pass Road
Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2328 9205/ (852)7171-7171
Fax: (852) 2326 0220 / (852) 2242 2363

The Hong Kong Ballet

Excerpts from the Hong Kong Ballet's website:
"Founded in 1979, the Hong Kong Ballet has today grown in stature to become one of the foremost classical ballet companies in Asia. Under the artistic direction of Stephen Jefferies, it has exploded onto the international ballet scene. The Company presents a broad-based repertoire, from the world’s major full-length classical works to modern pieces based upon the classical techniques.

The 37 dancers of the Company are mainly from Hong Kong and Asia, with a few artists from other parts of the world. With an adventurous policy of creating a unique repertoire, this young and vibrant company has created such critically-acclaimed original productions as The Last Emperor, The Emperor and the Nightingale, Lady of the Camellias and Beauty and the Beast to name but a few.

The growing success of the Company and its productions has been matched by a steady increase in audience levels and the general awareness of ballet, while its international recognition is demonstrated by its popular demand for overseas touring".

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The Hong Kong Arts Centre

Excerpt from the Hong Kong Arts Centre's website
"The Hong Kong Arts Centre was founded in 1973 by a group of dedicated individuals who believed that Hong Kong needed a dynamic, independent centre for the arts. The concept became a reality in 1978 with the opening of our building as a home for the community's diverse arts interests and a hotbed for new ideas. Since then, the Arts Centre has thrived by encouraging, developing, presenting and teaching the arts.

Feeding off and inspiring more than twenty years of change, the Hong Kong Arts Centre stands proudly as an independent showcase and resource for multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary contemporary arts. Our energy and innovation flow from our independent status and from the enthusiasm and commitment of the artists, the sponsors and the wider community with whom we work. The Arts Centre receives no recurring financial support from Government. Instead, our programme and operating costs are covered by sponsorship, ticket sales, rental income and grants for specific projects.

Our activities encompass visual and performing arts, film and video, new media and arts education. Our excellent reputation and regional influence help us to host cultural exchange programmes that nurture Hong Kong's awareness, understanding and knowledge of the arts, and we are extending exchange activities from Mainland China and Asia to the rest of the world. Most of all, however, we are committed to helping local artists to experiment, develop and find a platform - and a regular home for their work. We are proud to be the place where many renowned artists started out as unknowns, and to provide a first taste of the arts for many new audiences."

Click on the above link for info and performance and exhibition dates.

The Hong Kong Commercial Art Galleries Association (HKCAGA)

The Hong Kong Commercial Art Galleries Association is a fairly new organisation that works to promote contemporary artists from South-East Asia, Europe and America. The website provides a list of galleries one can explore. The website provides links to individual galleries websites who usually will provide details on their current exhibition information.

Hong Kong Commercial Art Galleries Association

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

"(Established in) 1974, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HKPO) is the SAR’s first and only fully professional orchestra. The 93-member orchestra currently gives nearly 200 performances every year to an ever growing audience. When the Hong Kong Cultural Centre opened in 1989, the Concert Hall became the Orchestra’s ‘home'.
The HKPO is committed to bringing classical music to the people of Hong Kong and, to this end, the orchestra performs at numerous concert halls around the territory as well as at various schools and hospitals. The Orchestra also gives pre-concert talks, seminars, workshops and courses, and produces books, CDs and videotapes—all to further music appreciation among students and the general public.
All this is a far cry from the early days of the HKPO, whose first performance, in 1895, was presented at the old CIty Hall with the conductor atop an upended camphor wooden box!

For enquiries and concert information
Tel: (852) 2721 2030
Fax: (852) 2311 6229

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Hong Kong Sinfonietta

In 1990, a group of young local musicians, most of whom had been trained at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, founded the Hong Kong Sinfonietta to share with the public the music they love. Today, as it continues to present quality orchestral music by home-grown talent, the Hong Kong Sinfonietta is evolving into the second fully professional symphony orchestra in town.

For enquiries and concert information
Tel: (852) 2836 3336
Fax: (852) 2783 9819

BooK Tickets, click here.

The Hong Kong Players

Excerpt from the Hong Kong Players website:

Hong Kong Players is the SAR's foremost community theatre group. We began life on 1 January 1991 as a successor to the Garrison Players and the Hong Kong Stage Club, both of which had been active in Hong Kong since the end of the Pacific War. The two groups had more than 400 productions to their credit, ranging from major musicals such as The King and I via Shakespeare - Hamlet, Macbeth and Richard III - to contemporary drama both serious and not so serious (embracing playwrights as diverse as Noel Coward and Samuel Beckett).

Today we mount three or four productions a year, the most significant being our annual pantomime, which is Pinocchio this year. Diversity continues to be the watchword for the group, with productions such as She Stoops to Conquor, Holiday Snap, Suspect - A Game of Murder, Absent Friends, The Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Magical Voyage of Ulysses (left) and Macbeth being staged in recent years.

The Christmas pantomime is a high point of the year and usually involves around 100 enthusiastic volunteers both on and offstage. Dick Whittington, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood, Aladdin, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast have all graced the stage of the Shouson Theatre lately. The script for our December 1999 pantomime, Pinocchio, by HKP members Sally Dellow and Steven Lewis was homegrown. This year, you can look forward to Beauty and the Beast director Chris Baldwin's panto Santa in Space.

For production information or if you'd like to get involved, click here, or to book tickets, click here.


Last Updated: 15 June, 2005

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