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Moving Checklist

Moving to Hong Kong

2-3 Months | 1 Month | 2-3 Weeks | 1 Week | 2 Days | The Move | The Arrival | Moving In | Settling In

Two to Three Months Ahead of Your Move  
Relocations Package
   review current income and expenses
   determine what expanses will be paid by company
   determine compensation package needed to retain life style
   review company policies
   contact for quotes  
   inquire about insurance coverage
   contract - set date
   obtain info on packing
   obtain info on customs
Real Estate Agents 

   contact for sale of house (if needed)  
   list with agent
   complete sale
   contact agent in destination city
   inquire about listings


   obtain required documents for shipping household goods
   review restrictions on importing/exporting goods
   do docs have to be notarized?
   are there restrictions on quantities?

Storage Companies
   reserve storage space
   obtain contract

   arrange for sale of auto (if needed)
   complete sale
   arrange for transport of auto (if needed)
   complete paperwork

   notify current schools
   obtain copies of transcripts

   research schools in Hong Kong
   forward transcripts and recommendations, if needed

Work Permits and Visas
   obtain proper permits for yourself and your spouse

Employment/Spousal Employment
   contact employment agencies
   inquire at Spouse's Helpdesk
   explore Trade Council or Consulates

Pet exporter/importer
   contact pet exporter (if needed)
   obtain proper vaccinations
   obtain, fill out and send paperwork

One Month Ahead of Your Move  top
   get room quotes
   make reservations

   review flight schedules
   books flights
   arrange airport transfers

Car rental
   reserve cars in both home and destination cities, if needed

   re-confirm reservations for temporary accommodations
   Confirm with your movers the packing and moving dates

   Ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after you expect to leave your destination city
   Make copies of all your legal documents and store them in a safe place

   Review your will
   Draw up a power of attorney so someone can act on your behalf while you are overseas

   Have your tax documents in order and tax forms on hand
   Review tax laws in destination city

   Reviewand update accident and medical insurance for you and your family
   Obtain household goods and transit insurance - your mover should be able to help you with this.

   Have a final checkup with your doctor and dentist and get any necessary immunizations; your doctor will tell you what you need. If your job is likely to take you into mainland China or other Asian countries on a regular basis, you may need further inoculations. Consult with your doctor for further details.
   Collect medical and dental records
   Obtain any necessary prescription medicine

Change of Address
   Notify the following:
associations, banks, clubs, credit card companies, electoral register, electric company, family doctor and dentist, gas company, insurance companies, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, retail store accounts, telephone company, water authority, family, co-workers and friends.

Two to Three Weeks Ahead of Your Move   top
Decide and write down exactly:
   what you are having shipped - consider the size of accommodation you will be moving into, VOLTAGE and PLUG STYLE.
   what you are hand carrying, all important documents and valuable items should be hand carried.
   what you are putting into storage and arrange for transportation to storage facility
   what you are giving away to friends and have these picked up
   what you are giving away to charity and arrange for delivery
   Arrange for disconnection or changeover of gas, electricity, water and telephone and arrange for bills to be sent to your new address
   Inform services such as garbage collectors, milk man and newspaper delivery companies of your departure.
   check if your bank has a branch in your destination city or arrange for a new account at a BANK in your destination city.

One Week Before Departure   top
   Arrange for a letter of credit to facilitate opening an account or arrange for a transfer if your account has already been set up in your destination city.
   Purchase travellers' cheques
   Empty safe-deposit box
Post Office :
   Arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your office address or to your new home address
   Send change of address cards or e-mails to your family, friends and acquaintances
   Pack a suitcase with clothing and other items you will need during the move and until your belongings have been delivered to your new home.

Two Day Run Up to Move   top
   Movers will typically need one to two days to pack, depending upon the number of items
   Make sure that items are labeled clearly as to whether they should or should not be packed up
   Work with the movers, complete an inventory with the moving supervisor, indicate what items are fragile, and label each box as to where it should be placed in the new house
   Make a final inspection of the house checking for any left items.

The Move   top
   Check, sign and save a copy of the bill of lading. Confirm telephone numbers are correct in case there is a problem en route.
   Confirm forecast delivery date, cost and mode of payment acceptable to the movers.
   Leave house in good order
   Make sure all windows and doors are locked, and the lights switched off.
   Leave the keys and your new contact number, address and e-mail with real estate agent, new occupant or neighbour.

The Arrival   top

   Upon arrival in Hong Kong, contact your Compass agent and schedule an appointment. We'll take you on an orientation tour of the city to familiarise you with the residential areas so that you can make an informed decision.
   Make it a point to be clear about what you want in terms of your housing, although in most cases, your budget will determine this.
   Compass will be able to help you with school appointments and any other special needs you may have.
   The process of finding a home, negotiating with the landlord, dealing with the documentation, and utilities hook up will more than likely be taken care of by Compass.
   Once you have found a house and everything is signed and sealed, inform the movers of delivery address and confirm a delivery date

Moving In   top
   Supervise the moving crew and direct where the boxes should be placed
   Check for damaged items before signing off on the Bill of Lading as, once the Bill is signed, it is binding

Settling In   top

   CONTRACTOR, INTERIOR DESIGNER , if renovations are necessary
   Buy or lease

   Buy or lease a CAR
   Join a GYM or go for a MASSAGE or BEAUTY TREATMENT
             (you deserve it !)

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