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City Synopsis

"Hong Kong, the City of Life"

Hong Kong is unlike any other city in the world.  Nowhere else will you experience the energy and dynamism that this city exudes. Money talks in Hong Kong, and business is life, yet there are several other sides to the city; it is at once modern and traditional, old and new, cultural and entertaining.

Visually, Hong Kong is incredibly dramatic and boasts one of the world's most impressive skylines. Modern skyscrapers designed by world-renowned architects stand before the "Fragrant Harbour" and against the mountainous back drop of Victoria Peak.  Geomancers or "Feng-Shui" masters accord Hong Kong's great success to the city's  ideal geomantic positioning.  You will not go far without hearing the affects Feng Shui or "wind and water" have on the fortunes of Hong Kong's mega tycoons. It is this amalgamation of old and new and east and west that makes Hong Kong one of the most fascinating cities in the world.



Exploring the less well trodden paths may lead to villages little touched for fifty years or temples and ancestral halls centuries old. Hong Kong, though only officially about one hundred years old, was inhabited for centuries before the  British established their trading post. Certainly there is a great deal more to Hong Kong than initially meets the eye. It is for you to explore, discover and experience.

Living in Hong Kong is an exhilarating experience, so be prepared for a "positive" culture shock.  The city will sweep you up in its own brand of adrenaline and will give you a ride you won't easily forget.
If it is the quiet life you seek outside your career, Hong Kong offers Mediterranean style seaside living and lush green environments just twenty minutes from the financial district. 

Hong Kong attracts people of all nationalities and is, in a very real sense, a cultural melting pot.  Your social circle will become wonderfully diverse and international and, if you have kids, they too will enjoy this superb social and cultural education.



Last Updated: 4 March, 2004


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